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Hello everyone. I apologize for my absence for the past eight months. Our laptop was temporarily corrupted due to a virus that my parents are convinced originated on this site. Therefore, they have forbidden me to visit the site on it after it was fixed. The only reason I have to opportunity to talk now is because I'm visiting family in a hotel.

Allow me to update you a bit. First, some new fandoms of mine:

-Phineas and Ferb
-Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler manga
-An Extremely Goofy Movie
-Amazing World of Gumball
-Adventure Time
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail
-Hot Diggedy Demon's videos on YouTube (at least the pony MOV vids)
-Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
-Some MLP: FiM yuri pairings (I'm totally straight though). Examples: FlutterDash, AppleDash, and Vinyltavia.
-The Big Bang Theory

Also, some fictional characters I've become a fangirl of:

Fanboy and Chum Chum: Kyle (still), Professor Flan, Sigmund (I now have a hate/love relationship with him)
Regular Show: Benson
Black Butler: SEBASTIEN <3
Phineas and Ferb: Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Ferb
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Big Macintosh, Braeburn, Discord, Fancypants, Shining Armor
An Extremely Goofy Movie: Bradley and Tank
Chalk Zone: Skrawl

I've done waaaay too many MLP crossover pairings than should be allowed, besides the ones you're familiar with but I'll list them anyways. Some of these NeatOMixie suggested.


FanboyxPinkie Pie
Chum ChumxFluttershy
KylexTwilight Sparkle
BoogxRainbow Dash
Professor FlanxPrincess Celestia
Candy Man/Mr. TrickxPrincess Luna
Chris Chuggy/Derpy Hooves
Michael Johnson/Vinyl Scratch

MLP/EGM (Extremely Goofy Movie):

Max/Twilight Sparkle
PJ/Rarity (NeatOMixie's idea) (NeatO's idea)
Bobby/Pinkie Pie (NeatO's idea)
Tank/Fluttershy (NeatO's idea)


Raj/Pinkie Pie
Howard/Rainbow Dash
Leonard/Rainbow Dash
Leonard/Twilight Sparkle
Sheldon/Twilight Sparkle


Twilight Sparkle/Baljeet
Rainbow Dash/Buford
Cheerilee/Dr. Doofenshmirtz (thanks go to NeatOMixie for coming up with this one)

I don't know when I'll get to see you all again, but until then I'll keep you all in my hearts.

Love, Woci <3


Frollo's Beagle
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey there peeps! My name is WindsOfChange13, but you can call me Woci :D

Here is some info about me besides my Devious Info:

Name: WindsOfChange13
Nicknames: Woci, Winds, Woc13, Wocster
Country: USA
Religion: Baptist
Gender: Female
Favorite color: Purple
Fave Muppet: Beaker
Fave FBACC character: Kyle <3
Fave Disney character: Judge Claude Frollo
Fave MLP pony: Fluttershy
Fave FBACC episode: "Brain Freeze"
Fave MLP FIM episode: "Suited for Success" or "The Best Night Ever"
Favorite actress: Fran Drescher
Favorite actors: Colin Mochrie, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Jack Black
Favorite comedians: Brian Regan and Larry the Cable Guy
Some of my favorite icons:

Current Residence: Galaxy Hills, U.S.A
Favourite genre of music: Pop, classical, anything from the 70's and 80's
Favourite style of art: Anything but slash/fem-slash or yaoi/yuri
Favourite cartoon character: Frollo,Kyle the Conjurer,Jumba Jookiba, Rigby,Fluttershy,Weed,GB,Jerome,Hougen,Hiro
Personal Quote: "How about a nice tall glass of NEVER GONNA HAPPEN?"



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